A brief introduction to Czech Yuncheng Electronic Engraving and processes

Electronic engraving, as the term suggests, refers to an electrical signal-driven technique which engraves the surface of the copper-plated roller by converting electrical signals of text and image into mechanical energy. The amplitude of vibration of the engraving varies with the power of electrical signal, which results in the ink cell of varying depths engraved on the plate to reproduce the patterns of multiple layers, colors and shapes. Electronic engraving machine is the core equipment in gravure plate. The quality of engraving roller is the foundation of quality of publication. As a key process, it is supported by two sophisticated Swiss MDC GS electronic engraving machines. In the meantime, the engraving machines have the fuctions of both ordinary engraving and fine engraving to engrave multiple types of rollers.

Fine engraving

Minitype Network Engraving System – to improve effect of small texts or lines. We offer another engraving method, i.e. fine engraving, for small texts, serifs and lines. The resolution of this engraving is significantly better than the traditional mechanical engraving, and the quality can reach the same effect with laser engraving and corrosion engraving.

Applications: anti-counterfeiting label, cigarette packet, Chinese text, etc.

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